This calculator lets you determine the relative centrifugal acceleration or the rotational speed in no time at all. For this, you will need the rotor radius of your centrifuge, and the other of the two above-mentioned values.

Relative centrifugal acceleration:

Relative centrifugal acceleration represents the centrifugal force as a multiple of gravitational acceleration. Its value is expressed in ‘g’. It is also known as the ‘centrifugal factor’ or RCF (relative centrifugal force).

Rotational speed:

Also known as RPM (revolutions per minute) or speed of revolution.

Rotor radius:

The ‘r’ radius represents the distance between the centrifuge’s rotor axis and the tube bottom. Its value is expressed in ‘mm’. This can be found in the corresponding manual of your device.

The rotor radius is also called the centrifuge radius or rotation radius.

RCF - Calculator

RPM - Calculator