datalabX is experienced reality!

A carefree structure of workflows, data tracking or data exchange is not always easy to generate. Our software department of Bartelt GmbH has been working on LIMS/LIS laboratory software solutions for the clinical-diagnostic hospital laboratory for over 30 years. Therefore we have made it our goal to develop an individual and modern solution for these areas with our laboratory information system datalabX. We are already running problem free on a daily basis in more than 20 hospitals in Austria.

datalabX – your individual customized laboratory information system

– optimal system integration
– precise individual customization
– structured process management
– Cost-effective in acquisition, operation and maintenance

datalabX LIS is incomparably affordable because it runs securely and without restriction on inexpensive standard hardware. Only industry standards for operating systems and databases are used. Users and system administrators can work in a familiar environment.


datalabX LIS is fast and reliable. The laboratory information system avoids process bottlenecks in high-load operation by making optimum use of state-of-the-art software technology. The critical interaction between the host and the analysis devices is outsourced to the laboratory device server, thus ensuring redundancy and system relief.


Thanks to its modularity and scalability, datalabX LIS responds to every change in your laboratory and is continuously being improved. datalabX LIS also offers the extension modules datalabXdepot and datalabXpoct, which can be reupdated at any time as needed which enhances the economic and operational benefits of the existing installation.

Due to its system architecture datalabX LIS can be integrated flexibly, easily and quickly into existing HIS structures. Thanks to the system architecture, necessary customer-specific adaptations can be realized with reasonable effort.

datalabX LIS  has been developed with a strong focus on the development target of offering maximum ease of use and usability, thanks to a clear and simple screen design.


The laboratory information system datalabX LIS can be operated with several languages simultaneously.


  • Industry standards for operating systems and databases

  • Cost-effective

  • Working in a familiar environment

  • Fast and reliable

  • Avoids process bottlenecks through state-of-the-art software technology

  • Redundancy and system relief are ensured by the critical outsourcing of the interaction between the host and the analysis devices to the laboratory device server.

  • Adapts to your laboratory through modularity and scalability

  • Expansion modules DATALABXDEPOT and DATALABXPOCT

  • Flexible, simple and quick integration into existing HIS structures

  • Thanks to the system architecture, customer-specific adaptations are possible

  • Maximum ease of operation

  • Can be used in several languages

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DI Peter Schöttel

Head of Software Development

Tel: +43(0) 316 475328-207