Weighing software for production operations

Ox is a laboratory software package designed to be integrated into modular systems. This program was perfect for setting up a weighing solution in Altesse’s production environment.

Weighing software for laboratories and industrial facilities

From the “Ox in the field” series

Ox is a laboratory software package designed to be integrated into modular industrial systems. The software enables laboratories to build affordable solutions for individual requirements.

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Altesse-Logo: Ox-Weighing software for production operations at Altesse

Weighing software for production operations at Altesse (Fürstenfeld, Styria)

Client: Altesse – Zigarettenhüllenerzeugung und Papierverarbeitung
Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Josef Hartner, Head of Administration & Finance at Altesse, reports on the progress of the Ox weighing software implementation project:

Weighing software and scale in use

Weighing software and scale in use

In the beginning, we were actually just looking for a scale that we could use to weigh the production waste of our systems, then add it up at the end of the shift and print it out as a barcode label.

That application sounded very simple, but finding a scale that could meet these requirements turned out to be difficult.

We turned to Bartelt GmbH, a specialist in laboratory equipment. We felt in good hands from the start, and were surprised by a thoroughly pragmatic, solution-oriented approach:

Why not purchase a more cost-effective scale – less expensive than we had planned – and invest the savings in a weighing software tailored to our needs?

This combination of hardware and software seemed to be the most effective solution – and thanks to the competent consulting provided by Bartelt’s software development team, it was!

Within just a short time, a system was created for our ongoing operations that met our needs perfectly. We also worked with Bartelt software developers to test the software during operation and optimised it specifically for our workflow.

Weighing software and scale in a production environment

Weighing software and scale in a production environment

The Ox weighing software:

Today, we have a customised system in operation that provides our staff with very simple routine procedures thanks to a practical user and permissions system.

The production staff only need to work with a single screen, which has been optimised for touchscreen displays.

Our workers simply select the right system on the screen, place the container of production waste onto the scale, and the weighed value is automatically sent to the software and displayed.

As you can imagine, training the staff is extremely simple and time-saving.

Even though this software is a custom-made solution, it isn’t a rigid system with a rigid user interface.

Parameterisation allows us to make various changes on our own without the help of a software developer. Thanks to this, we could move a production system from one building to another without any problems, for example. We were able to make the necessary adjustments to the software absolutely on our own.

Our cooperation with the Bartelt staff is thoroughly professional, friendly and solution-oriented. Our ideas and wishes were met with a positive attitude and quickly implemented.

We found the solution for our problem – and much more!

Altesse is a cigarette tube manufacturer and paper processing plant located in the eastern part of Austria. (Fürstenfeld, Styria)

Functional scope of the Ox weighing software for Altesse

  • Interface: combination of a scale and the Ox application
  • Usability: simplified view to ensure user-friendliness (the touchscreen can be used to select the article)
  • Automated transmission of the measured weight to the software solution, including assignment to the selected article.
  • Completion of the measurements at any time, with calculation of the total weights for each article.
  • Barcode labels: printouts of the totals per article as a separate label with a barcode. This permits direct scanning (posting) in the existing materials management system.


For any further questions and information, please feel free to contact Mr Robert Löscher!
(Tel.: +43 (0)316/47 53 28-201)

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