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Online since 2016!

Yippee! We’re online!
We, the team from Bartelt software development, are ready to conquer the world of laboratories with our lab tools.
Three handy calculation tools are already available to simplify your daily laboratory work.

  • Calculate serial or parallel dilution series with just a few clicks.
  • Determine the centrifugation values RCF or RPM.
  • Create your own personalized barcode labels for the professional management of your laboratory samples.

And you think that’s all?
Every day we work on developing new calculators and tools and on improving the existing ones. The possibilities are just about endless, and we can hardly decide which tool should be included next in the circle of trust of the Labtools from Bartelt.

Please make our decision easier…

… and tell us which Labtool you would like next. We are eager to simplify your own everyday laboratory work.

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